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Add To Your WishlistWaveSense JAZZ Wireless Blood Glucose Meter Kit

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  • Description
    • Low cost testing strip
    • Average test time 5 seconds
    • 0.5ul sample size
    • Automatic download via Bluetooth® to AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App
    • Small and convenient to carry around
    • Easy-to-read LED display with sharp contrast digits. 

    So Easy...So Assured.

    The WaveSense JAZZ Wireless allows downloading of results without the need for a cable. The meter has an average test time of 5 seconds with a small sample of blood. Simply insert the strip, apply the blood sample, and read the result. 

    The results automatically download to the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager (ADM) App on a paired device. In the ADM app, users can add additional diabetes information such as insulin dose, carbohydrate intake, weight, and notes. Users can also share their data easily with the healthcare teams via email or the cloud-based ALLY Diabetes Management System.

    The unique WaveSense dynamic measuring technology also assures you of high accuracy testing by minimising the effects of many interfering factors in blood glucose monitoring.

    The WaveSense JAZZ Wireless meter kit includes 25 free test strips, lancing device and 30 lancets, 2 spare batteries, control solution, all contained in a convenient carry pouch. Logbook, Quick Start Guide and Owner’s Guide included. 

    For JAZZ Wireless meter users who register their meter, AgaMatrix offers additional services, such as a Freephone Customer Care Line and replacement batteries for the life of the meter.

    Please note: this blood glucose meter measures blood glucose levels in mmol/L.

    Package Contents
    1 WaveSense JAZZ Wireless MeterOwner's Guide
    25 Test StripsQuick Start Guide
    10 Lancets (33G)Logbook
    Two Spare Batteries (CR2032)Lancing Device


    Package Dimensions
    15.6cm x 11.5cm x 5.5cm